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Feature request: More columns

by Guest on 2019/11/19 11:02:59 PM    
I'd like to request a couple more columns be added to the UI, specifically the Transfers list.

1. "Availability" - Basically the Available copies information from the Details tab. eg: 1.991 available copies, 47 available copies, 0.7 available copies etc.

2. "Last seen complete" - based on availability. The last time your Tixati client saw the torrent actually had an available copies >= 1.0.

The reason being, I have a number of very old torrents and I'm not sure whether they're ever going to complete. It'd be useful to be able to sort the torrents by "availability" and "last complete" as a way to decide whether it's worth waiting or just to cut the losses and remove them. I realise this isn't perfect since a torrent may still be complete but the seed is never on at the same time as I am, but it's better than nothing.

From a seeding point of view it'd also be worthwhile seeing those same two columns to know how complete the torrents are without your contribution. If you can see that availability is high you could potentially stop that torrent to seed something else. Conversely if you see it's low you could keep it seeding till availability improves.
by Guest on 2019/11/20 03:42:18 PM    
I agree, as optional
by Guest on 2019/11/21 12:17:58 PM    
+1 Also, when there are multiple sources of the same torrent, it would make it easy to remove the ones that are < 1.0 and will probably not complete.

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