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Looking for a new BT client

by Guest on 2019/11/10 08:47:53 AM    

I've been on the lookout for a new BT client for some time now but don't see a lot of mod support in the forums, am I missing something or are the mods all know as "Guest"?
by Guest on 2019/11/12 09:54:26 PM    
Tixati is the best BT client.

the mods approve posts and reply to posts when necessary.
by Bugmagnet on 2019/11/13 01:44:15 PM    
p2p is about users being in control
devs only have so much time and energy

so it works best if users help one another as much as possible to let the devs focus on fixing found bugs and adding new fantasy features

understandably, the devs are reluctant to get involved of micro-managing all user issues. but rest assured, issues that are vetted by users and shown to be re-producible and effect lots of users do get "prompt" attention.

also, the dev is moving along with several p2p apps. Handling torrents is only one concern. other p2p apps by this devteam provide functionality torrents lack.
by loninappleton on 2019/11/14 05:25:48 PM    
Make a login to get off the guest list.  :-)
by Guest on 2019/12/07 03:54:25 PM    
A new client?  Why are you here posting?  Seems rather odd, your going to get quite a few tixati since your on a tixati forum board! :)


Anyways, I will tell you my NUMBER ONE REASON for staying with Tixati and I can tell you, I've tried MANY, MANY, MANY clients.  I don't mind playing around seeing what the competition is like but I always keep my Tixati and I always return.

Number 1 Reason:

torrent and display file rename feature.
- I have ALWAYS loved that Tixati makes it simple for me to Rename the "display" and the "file name" WITH ONE CLICK.  I hit F2, rename and my file, folder, and torrent is always renamed to what I select.  I am EXTREMELY OCD about file names and I know I should just leave it as is I PREFER that Tixati renames everything throughout the ecosystem.

When I test out clients this is my number 1 test, and they all fail.  I'l use a client called qbit*orrent as an example, when you load a torrent, rename it, your only renaming the display of the file, then you have to go to the torrent's little stats page and click the file folder and rename that.  that is double the work (unless there is a way, and I just never found it).  Tixati, doesn't do this, and for me, that is an extremely smart move on the creators, one click, simple, easy-peasy.

Number 2 Reason:

Tixati has a simple clean interface.  I know where to find EVERYTHING that I tweak with, its logically laid out, which I prefer, I also use this as a test to see how other creators identify, label items that imho Tixati does better.

But always to each their own and I hope you find a client that is good for you.  For ME, it's Tixati.
by Guest on 2019/12/08 06:03:53 AM    
Tixati is good but developers just update client with useless features than noone can check
It's 2 years i'm waiting for new features like not downloading the root folder, or also the bug fix "client doesn't come in front when adding a torrent" even if in the option the box is checked.

the interface is nice. it's different from any other bt client

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