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Tixati causing cpu spikes

by Guest on 2019/11/06 04:15:54 PM    
Started about several months ago. I was using an old version from 2018, but updated to version to the latest 2.64, hoping it would solve the problem.

My Specs:
OS: Win 10 Pro 64 bit
CPU: Intel I7 6700K
GPU: Nvidia 1070
RAM: 32 GB
Internet speed: 30 MB/s

I checked the task manager CPU 0 (the first one) spikes to 100% usage when running Tixati. Tixati or windows thinks I have one CPU for some reason?
Every min or so my CPU (CPU 0) spikes to 100% usage, it's when my comp starts to lag. Web browsing or using youtube causes my audio and video to lag or stutter.

I disable channels in Tixati. Problem seems to happened more often if my download speed reached 2+ MB/s but back then it was fine even with 3 MB/s download.
Usually have 5-8 torrents running only. I'm using Zonealarm firewall and antivirus, I disable and turned it off to see if that was the problem, I still have lag after turning Zonealarm off. I already made an exception in my zonealarm for Tixati.exe

by Guest on 2019/11/07 01:00:07 AM    
I fixed my own problem above. If others have the same problem, do a google search for "ntoskrnl.exe high cpu usage". "System" in task bar was using 100% of the CPU 0.
Tixati is now using only 1-2% cpu total usage, "system" 1-2% total cpu usage. This is strange the above cpu/system spikes only happens when running Tixati.

Disabled several services and followed what people suggested on the websites.
This was so annoying for several months.

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