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Let Tixati know about drive types (HDD, SSD)

by Biep on 2019/10/28 02:51:56 PM    
SSD is by far the best for storage and uploading, but HDD is better for downloading (no write overload).
It would be good if Tixati could use this optimally on computers that have both.
by Bugmagnet on 2019/11/04 08:55:54 AM    
Tixati can accommodate this already.

You can set your downloads to the HDD, then have tixati to move the files on completion to the SSD for seeding. Settings are already there to do this for you.
by Guest on 2019/11/05 08:03:34 AM    
Moving the file to the SSD will still make a full write of the file. Same as downloading it directly to the SSD.

I have HDDs and SSD, I set Tixati to only use the HDDs. Still not comfortable with the extra wear on the SSD. Dont have as much space in the SSD as well.

by Guest on 2019/11/06 08:08:43 AM    
What are you talking about? How do suggest it "take advantage" of the SSD without writing to it?

I use an SSD for downloading. HDD simply do not write fast enough.

You're worried about "wear" on the SSD? Psht
by Bugmagnet on 2019/11/08 11:42:58 AM    
Writing once to the SSD is expected. Using it to serve files is ideal.

SSDs do have a write life. But writing once and then re-reading it thousands of times to upload is not a problem.

Downloading to HDD then moving the complete set of files after completion is optimal. This avoids any overwriting in the download process that may reject bad blocks and over write that space or utilizing prime space for unfinished or incomplete torrents.

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