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[SUGGESTION] SSS implementation (Separate Stream Share)

by Guest on 2019/10/28 07:06:39 AM    
Hi everyone, this is an old idea from eMule ages in order to obtain faster movies downloads worldwide.

Since the "de facto" standard is MKV, it should be easy to let users to download - and, of course, share - only certain streams inside files (for example the video one), exactly as is possible to select only certain files inside a torrent.

This could help to maximize download speeds, optimize the bandwidth and prolong the torrents' life.

Hope that inspires !

Marco Ravich
by Guest on 2019/10/29 09:36:28 AM    
I don't understand this technology, but maybe very useful download audio track selectively, for instance in Dual Audio videos, I can download just one track an artist? For instance the user can set the language he want, and tixate download just it.
by Guest on 2019/10/29 12:31:04 PM    
It can be very good, some times you have an Dual Audio 5.1 or 6.1, if tixati download automatically only user preferred language track for all mkv, it can save a lot of data and time. I think it haven't any affect in the network, because most users use utorrent, which don't have this feature, so, only tixati users can have this benefit.

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