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2.64 error "Invalid piece length in meta-file"

by Guest on 2019/10/25 09:28:53 PM    
Portable / Windows 10
by Guest on 2019/10/26 01:38:16 PM    
The same thing, Win 10 1903
by Guest on 2019/10/26 02:33:37 PM    
I have been experiencing this same issue on some torrents.  

[19:30:59]  stopping
[19:30:59]  stopped: Invalid piece length in meta-file

by Guest on 2019/10/26 07:04:24 PM    
Can confirm.

I reported this error to 4 days ago, but I have not yet received an answer.
by Guest on 2019/10/28 02:42:35 PM    
When this bug will be fixed?

With version 2.63 there is no such problem.
by Guest on 2019/11/06 01:59:44 PM    
For the love of everything that is holy, please, I beg you, fix it!
by Guest on 2019/11/12 05:01:29 PM    
Same error here, with at least 10 torrents so far.
by Guest on 2019/11/13 03:52:20 AM    
post some torrents/magnet links that are having this problem. the mods will remove them from the forum and send it to the devs.
by Napsterbater on 2019/11/13 06:17:57 AM    
Or just email with a link to this thread/description of the problem.
by Vinitharya on 2019/11/22 07:56:59 PM    
I can confirm that regressing to 2.63 has fixed the error with the torrent that was causing my issue.  I would recommend reinstalling the previous version for the time being to get your torrents through.
by Guest on 2019/11/23 03:54:04 AM    
2.64 changelog:

updated piece size checking upon meta-info loading, allow 16K - 64M

Problem is connected with this change.
by Guest on 2020/03/09 03:57:10 PM    
Is this (or any other long-standing bugs of relevance since v2.64) fixed in v2.71 ? Please confirm, thanks.
by Guest on 2021/08/28 07:14:03 PM    
This was fixed in 2.84. I upgraded to it from 2.64 directly, and tried a torrent that was receiving the error in the previous version -> worked perfectly in the new one.
by Guest on 2023/09/08 06:53:21 AM    
Found a bunch of torrents that are resulting in this very error, even with Tixati v3.19 Portable on Win10. tells me the .torrent files have a Piece Length of 256 MB.

Is there any chance Tixati will be updated to handle torrents with Piece Lengths larger than 64 MB?

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