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Linux version of Tixati downloads less of the same torrent as th

by shag00 on 2019/10/18 04:08:07 AM    
I run a dual boot system, Kubuntu and Windows and often download large torrents. As Tixati is available for both operating systems I have it installed in both so I can continue downloading regardless of which system I am in. I use the same torrent storage location for both systems and when switching between systems, a force check command is used to sync the client with the downloaded file. All really good stuff.

For some time I have noticed that after completing the download in Linux and switching to Windows the torrent would do it's file check and continue downloading. The additional bytes downloaded were always quite small, as a percentage of the entire file, typically less than 1%. It did not seem to matter from which system the torrent was begun. I was also was unable unable to pinpoint what the extra was that Windows was downloading as it appeared to not effect the the integrity of the file when I used it.

That was until today when I downloaded a 52GB ISO file which Tixati indicated was 100% complete in Linux but I could not mount it in Linux. I then did a force check which came back as OK, that is the Linux client indicated 100% complete. Realising I had a problem I jumped over to Windows and could not mount it there either so I performed another force check in Windows and lo and behold it started downloading and showed that I only had approximately 51,298,000 of 51,307,091 bytes, again less than 1%.

So we have a situation where Tixati in Linux sees a file as 100% downloaded, while in windows it sees the same data as only being 99.x% complete.
by Pete on 2019/10/18 03:51:17 PM    
Were all torrent files selected to download? If not, this is the reason.

Most likely you have different installation on Linux and Windows, so incomplete pieces and crust files are stored in different locations. To avoid this you should use one Tixati for both systems, the easiest way is the Portable Edition. This way you won't need force checks after switching systems.
by shag00 on 2019/10/18 06:29:23 PM    
Were all files selected for download? In previous cases, no but in the case of the ISO download yes.

I am not sure what you mean by different installations, do you mean different versions numbers? If yes, they are the same versions.

Unfortunately, I do not possess the knowledge to discuss crust pieces and incomplete pieces in a technical sense but logic puts up 3 red flags, so please see these as questions. Firstly if something is 100% complete there are no incomplete pieces and secondly this only works one way, the Linux version never downloads additional data over the Windows version. Thirdly, there is the question of what force check does, does it not identify these crust and incomplete pieces, if it does not how does it report 100% complete?

Using the portable version, do you mean move it each time to the operating system I am using, assuming it works on Linux? Or, do you mean operate it from a thumb drive? Linux can read Windows hard disks but Windows cannot read Linux disks due to less format support in Windows.
by Pete on 2019/10/20 02:12:38 PM    
I don't know why the ISO wasn't complete although Tixati displayed 100% I can't help you with that problem.

You've got two separate Tixati installations, one on Windows and the other on Linux. Try placing Tixati Portable on Windows drive and use it on both systems. If you don't want to mount Windows drive on Linux, you can place Tixati Portable on the torrent storage drive.

This way you'll have the same configuration and incomplete-pieces directory where also crust pieces are stored. You won't need force checks any more and there won't be any missing crust pieces when switching systems.

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