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4 things I want for Tixati!

by k2love on 2019/10/16 12:04:03 AM    
1. Please insert the 'Hash Check' pass function.
-> qBittorret has a Hash Check pass feature. I wish tixati had the same functionality.

2. '.tixaticonfig' merge function
-> I use multiple tixati portable versions. 1 native, 2 RDP, 3 RDP, 4 RDP ... In this way ... Each download / upload list is different. Hopefully I can export the list and combine them.

3. Modify Tracker at once
-> For now, if I want to edit many tracker, need to do it manually. Recently, qBittorret 4.20 alpha has the ability to modify trackers at once.

4. Often shut down at once
-> I run the tixati portable version with each RDP, which often sees a sharp increase in memory usage. If one fails, all others are terminated. There is a problem with stability.

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