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OPEN TIXATI window opens when adding new transfer file

by Guest on 2019/10/14 09:57:36 AM    
Until recently, when I selected a magnet link to download, it was just added to the download queue without any additional prompting. Now, whenever I add a magnet link download, a window appears center top of my screen demanding OPEN TIXATI confirmation before things continue. Has something changed? Also, is there a way to reset ALL options to program default?
by JWvL_software on 2019/11/02 10:07:16 AM    
Before changing this make sure you export your settings because this cant be undone!

When the transfer dialog opens, click settings at the bottom and uncheck every box below the line.

Every download will occur immediately after the processing the hash link.
by Guest on 2019/11/08 12:25:02 AM    
What line? I see two boxes, made of lines formed into two boxes.

About 5 days ago, after years of Magnet Links opening without issue, or pop-up dialog box request - then suddenly I have to click 'Open Tixati'. I don't really want to uncheck boxes, one time only, that can't be undone, unless the instructions are a little clearer.

More importantly, I suppose - why this all of a sudden out of the blue? What happened on my end - or any end? One day, fine, the next day, not fine.

I did upgrade to 2.64 when the problem started, but nothing changed.

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