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I'm completely new to this.

by pobbles on 2019/10/12 12:42:59 PM    
I have just downloaded Tixati,but don't understand how to use it,or things like 'bandwidth' At 76 I don't find these things that easy. All I want to do at the moment is download a movie. Any ideas?
by loninappleton on 2019/10/21 06:56:56 PM    
Easy does it.  I am 72.  
What they recommend here first off about bandwidth is to run the online bandwidth checker.  Find out what you have and then report back.

Here is the broadband checker:

Elsewhere in the Tixati site this is printed out for you to read.  Probaby under help and support.  It is a calculation to set limits so that no choke points are on the

signed Elmer
by JWvL_software on 2019/10/26 05:27:50 PM    
Hi, I am turning 60 in January and hope to live well past 70.
Thank thank you for your encouraging presence hee.

Page you are looking for is the Tixati Optimizing page.

This will help give you direct on settings and numbers need from the Speedtest.

Jan-Willem vanLohuizen
by JWvL_software on 2019/10/26 09:31:49 PM    
Hi, I am turning 60 in January and hope to live well past 70.
Thank thank you for your encouraging presence here.

The page you are looking for is "Tixati Optimizing";  .

This will help give you directions on settings and numbers needed from the "Speedtest;  .

A little heads up on the process:
ISP's do a calibration first so 0kbpsbs will show for a couple seconds, followed "latency" testing to determine how much time lag due to noise there is between the shout of "Are you there?" from your computer's  netword card to the ISP's initial gate-keeping computer's netword card, and your computer receiving it's "I'm here?" response.  This averaged result is posted.

Then begins the "Incoming or "Download" test (hopfully very fast) request for a large file, such as a picture, movie or document file, to be sent and saved to your computer in smaller pieces, known as "data packets".  Many IPS's perform maximum "burst" throughput tests for the first short time, as calibration occurs within your computer and the ISP's network card until The ISP's outward gate keeping computer begins the real process. Checks for errors and asking again, as needed, in case of any problems, until all of the complete file arrives. The averaged results are then posted.

Then the computers reverse and the "Outgoing" or "Upload" test (mostly very slow) begins sending the same types of files to destination computer, in the same manner but opposite direction. Finally these averaged result are posted.

Also another useful section is called the "Automatic Bandwidth Limiter"';  .
This is best used when downloading those old TV Series we love, in episode appearance order, from the first to last. Then we can start watching the pilot episode or the first episode in order as soon as possible.  Then be sure to enable Shift-Click to select the first then last episode. Now all should be highlighted. Rt-Clik then  Clik Priority> Sequencial> (select) Enable and click anywhere out of the open boxs to save you settings.

Finally you can have Tixati move your individuel completed episodes or other files as they complete.

You probably will want to deselect any *.info and anything else that is not a normal file. Also getting a media file editor to remove any annoying icon and title reference to the org that is providing you the media and replace them will real useful ones.

Finally for making the more easily readable, I use this filename and episode name.
filename: "Show_Name_(19xx–1983_s01eXX(-XX)._Episode_Name_Episode_Name_AnyOtherFileDetailspXX-XX.mkv)" Notice NO "-ProviderOrg" and Part and Parts is there if the episode contains any or might have all part in this file or another.
Inside Title info: "Show Name (19xx-xxxx) sXXeXX-XX) Episode Name p01-02

filename: "Title, A.E._(1976–1983)_s02e01-02_EpisodeTitle_p01-02_780p_h264_AC3.mkv"
 Note filenames must never be like "Title, A.E." where there is "." at the end. Window thinks this means  "Title, A.E.NOextn" There an "_" or "-" should always be applied at the end. Therefore,"Title, A.E._" becomes "Title, A.E._.   "
 Inside Title info: "Title, A.E. (1976–1983) s02e01-02 EpisodeTitle p01-02"

I hope this was simple yet with enough detail and will help you have an enjoyable life.

Jan-Willem vanLohuizen
by JWvL_software on 2019/10/27 03:05:32 AM    
Moderator: Why won't the external image display inside the message?

Windows version:
by Guest on 2019/10/27 08:19:10 AM    
You can not post images directly on Tixati, Fopnu or SuperSimpleServer. You can only post links to images hosted on file sharing sites.

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