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Can't import config file

by Dimitri001 on 2019/10/09 07:13:13 AM    
I have a backup of a config file from a previous Tixati installation and when I try to import it Tixati doesn't even see it. It's on my desktop, but when I go to import and look in desktop, Tixati doesn't see the file.

The extension of the backup file is .dat

Anyone know why this is?
by Pete on 2019/10/10 01:40:56 PM    
Tixati configuration backups have .tixaticonfig extension.

Your file is most likely settings data file not a configuration backup.
by Guest on 2019/10/12 01:49:14 PM    
Ah, I see. It's what I got from that error message that gives you the option to save broken config file on desktop.

Can I import that somehow into Tixati?
by Dimitri001 on 2019/10/25 11:20:14 AM    
Bump Anyone know?

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