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I'm having trouble downloading game updates. The .nfo, .exe and

by parasocks on 2019/10/04 12:49:22 AM    
So if I look at the torrent's files in Tixati by clicking the carrot beside "Files" for the release, it looks like:


= are directories, - are files.

The release will finish downloading, but all I'm left with in my download directory is Setup-1.cdx, without any directory structure.

It happens on all releases for game updates it seems, not just this one release.

I've looked over all the options, I don't see anything that would cause or fix this... Any ideas?
by Guest on 2019/10/07 04:01:26 PM    
in the files tab, are the files that did not download turned off? do they download if you turn them on?

look here:

do you have 'Always auto-select files in new transfers' selected?

if so, that is probably why the smaller files in the torrent are not being downloaded.
by Guest on 2019/10/08 11:59:36 PM    
Thank you!! Fixed.

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