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How to limit Upload/Seeding bandwidth?

by Lisergiko on 2019/10/03 12:18:43 PM    
Hello, I've been a Tixati user for almost a year now, and I'm very happy with it; I didn't want to keep supporting a commercial closed source software like uTorrent. Meanwhile Trasmission didn't work at all for some reason and qBittorrent began having the same issue (no connection being established).

Anyway, I have a 40Mbps Donwload and 4Mbps Upload connection. But for some reason, when a torrent achieves full upload speed (500KBps), I can't use my browser anymore. It gets so slow it seems like I'm back in the Dial-up days.

I've never had a good understanding of network connections and such stuff, so I've never modified much in my torrent client's settings. Most of what I did was trial and error anyway, changing different things until I got it to do what I wanted. But I can't seem to decrease the Upload bandwidth with Tixati. Whatever I do, I keep uploading at full speed and I can't use the internet. The only solution I've found is to Ignore the specific peers I'm uploading to...but I don't want to stop seeding. I've tried setting Outgoing Limits (even to 1KBps) but it doesn't work and it just keeps seeding at full power.

Is there a way to keep my upload speed at 100-200KBps? I'd really appreciate if you gave some basic explanations on what Peer Allowance and those other settings are...Choking and Unchocking and so on...
by Pete on 2019/10/05 01:33:45 PM    
You have to set global incoming/outgoing limits first. See the Optimize guide section 1.

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