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Advice for making magnet link uploads for Tixati

by loninappleton on 2019/09/25 11:43:18 AM    
My recent problems with uploads and the slow and minimal traffic on the
upload site I use is caused by not making torrents in magnet links.  I don't know how this is done in Tixati.  Please explain.
by loninappleton on 2019/09/26 02:08:32 AM    
I'm continuing the dialog with myself on this.  I have seen Settings >  Magnet Links > Meta Info.

I experimented with one of my torrents using folder browse and that
torrent appeared in the magnet links meta Info screen.  It somehow adds a .txt to the original torrent.

But I don't know what I'm doing.

If I have a freshly-minted Create a Torrent in the usual way, what follows
to make it an upload to an index that will see it as their Magnet option--
such as the pirate or the green demon?

I have the Tx manual page on it as well and will review that.   But what I really need is some clear steps to follow and repeat each time.
by notaLamer on 2019/09/26 07:39:41 AM    
I don't understand what you're writing. Do you use Google Translate?

If you want to share a torrent you created with someone: Right-click it, Share -> Copy Magnet-link or Save .torrent

If the the other side can't find you to start the download, either peer discovery doesn't work right (DHT) or you set it as a "private torrent". In that case you'll need to specify a tracker or give the downloader your IP:port for them to add you manually as a peer.
by loninappleton on 2019/09/27 01:40:04 PM    
Ok, I didn't know the procedure and still don't understand much of it.
This is the first question I've made on it anywhere.
by loninappleton on 2019/09/27 03:54:23 PM    
I followed the procedure....

Tixati > Transfer Window >  Select Torrent >  Right click > Sharing > Copy Magnet link.

No screen prompt I could see of what happened.  Please say how I can proof
the magnet link.  The torrent I selected was recently uploaded as a new
torrent to a new index.   Then I can monitor any traffic for my torrent peers.
by loninappleton on 2019/09/27 04:05:21 PM    
The torrent transfer now shows at 99% with a file missing error.

Does this mean that the torrent should be remade and uploaded again?

If so, at what point is the Magnet info added  so it is complete?
by loninappleton on 2019/09/28 12:32:07 PM    
Still trying to make progress on this.
Will make a fresh torrent in the Create Menu.
I saw that there is a default box which opens to reveal Make Magnet.
Does this then do the creation process needed for a Magnet.
I'm not understanding much of the difference with all the sharing buttons
versus the make process.

Will start something fresh today.

Once the Create process is done with the Default button for Magnet
engaged, how can I inspect the torrent file?  What opens the .torrent to proof it?

by loninappleton on 2019/09/28 01:57:44 PM    
An update.  After the upload  I clicked on the Share Tab Top pf Tixati transfers.  The item displays.  I see magnet info.

Still no activity, but is this the last part of the Create Magnet procedure?

I see a couple messages are pending.  Will check back.

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