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2.63 Running very, very slow, lots of non responding.

by 1Z0455E7 on 2019/09/23 03:21:07 AM    
Hey folks,

In my current setup, I've been running Tixati since 2012. This latest version of 2.63 is very slow. Windows often sees it as non-responsive in what appears to be a semi-regular loop, every 90 seconds or so, sometimes much faster like 10 seconds.

Other programs and the OS are responsive. If I try to close Tixati it takes forever to unload and often the task manager will bitch about the timeout.

I am comparing this on my same rig, same internet, ad nausea.
The rig is as follows:
Microsoft Windows 10 (10.0) Professional 64-bit   (Build 18985)
AMD FX-4100 (3600.0 MHz) on a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P with 8GB of memory. video is AMD Radeon (TM) R7 360.
OS is on SSD, but Tixati is writing to an ST32000644NS.
I do have a crap Internet connection, but it remains the same between versions and is stable.
I am using Dual stack Ipv4/Ipv6, but again same between versions and previously worked fine.

Tixati is downloading, using DHT, nothing so far has been corrupted. At the moment I'm seeding/downloading about 11 items.
I do not have channels enabled, I am not using filters as part of this submission. Normal setup uses filters but did not make a difference.  

I'm not seeing a memory leak, using about 110MB, been watching it for about a day now.
Commits about 99,000 KB, the working set is about 134K KB, shareable is 37K KB, Private around 90K KB.
Average CPU% is about 15%. Disk throughput comes in about 110K B/sec read and 46K B/sec.
As for the network, it seems to be handling about 3.5mbps and about 200 connections (TCP).

I have a memory dump of it while it's not responding, and while it's responding. I have an export of the settings I'm using.
I also have a screenshot of what it looks like while it's not responding.

Dumps, config, and screenshot are at (link removed by mod and sent to Devs)

What else you folks need to debug this?

by notaLamer on 2019/09/26 07:44:56 AM    
Is it really just 2.63? It has been discussed here that Windows 10's text rendering is very-very slow, so when the main window with transfers is open, the CPU usage will increase a lot and in your case 'freeze' the client.

Try to make an empty category and select it. This way there should be 0 text rendering. Maybe it helps.

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