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by Guest on 2019/09/19 11:45:58 AM    
Please think about add this:

1 - An "filter" or "find" feature to files lists,

2 - an setting to hide tabs, for instance to hide "comments, logs, etc". I recomended Tixati to an old person, and multiple tabs is hard to this person, keeping less tabs can help this type of user

3- make detail tab scrollable, today, if you click "detail tab" this tab expand, ideal is scrollable

4- the feature "Auto Select Files" is good, but need an "size exception list", today, this feature uncheck all small files, this is not ideal, for instance with an "size exception list", I can add an exception to ".srt" and even if this file is small, tixati can auto select this. And need an "Allowed Extensions List", for instance I can allow just "avi, mp4, srt, mkv" etc, just audio and video formats, so "exe, bat" etc can never be auto selected. This can be useful and an big help to old person too, which use tixati just to dl Movies. This make it more easy and secure to this persons. This is like an "Smart Auto Select". :)

5- In "Double Click Actions" in "Transfers" can be added an option to "Play the biggest file or folder" if have just one big file, if have multiple big files, open folder.

6 - add an "Transfers Title Cleaner", an blacklist, for instance I can block (random words), so any torrent with this preffix (random words), is auto cleaned. So

(random words) some movie


some movie

thanks so much!

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