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Tags like qbitorrent, any way?

by Guest on 2019/09/15 05:04:51 AM    
Is there any way to filter using something like qBittorrent tags, or am I stuck using one category and then "tagging" with description

So that the only way to filter more than just one category, is to have to search descriptions every time?

Because Tixati has the capability of selecting multiple categories on the side, this can work similar to qbitorrent, even better, if torrents are allowed multiple categories.

Alternatively I will just create a system where I add things in a specific order, but I think there's a limit on the category name, so that's out the window for many torrents.

Some information, for those that want that:

Right now I've created a separator and under that I make empty categories with any description I have, so that I have easy access to exactly what descriptions I have created and can search on them, but before I work on something that will end up becoming pointless, I decided to ask here while I continue adding new descriptions until it either turns out I'm right or I have done something pointless.

Say Category is "100% checked" for any torrent that I've completed and then re-checked.

and then for description I might have "selection limited, literature, foreign language"
by notaLamer on 2019/09/26 07:50:01 AM    
Thumbs up for multiple categories or easy to edit tags. It will make UI a little harder to make, but with over 100s of added torrents the benefits are very clear.

Very cool feature to steal from Firefox: "* bla bar" in the search field will only search the tags/categories and only show items that contain both "bla" and "bar", nothing else (asterisk prefixed).

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