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We need some themes..

by honest_pirate on 2019/09/12 01:48:32 PM    
Guys could you include some custom themes with the next release?
by 1Z0455E7 on 2019/09/23 04:20:02 PM    
FYI: I'm not a Tixati Developer...

That being said, what do you mean? Do you want to skin it with custom images, rather than simple colors?

It would help to know more info about what you are asking.  

Personally, I'd rather have the devs work on the core code for making it smaller, faster and more kickass. I don't know if I want to skin it like it was Winamp...
by Guest on 2019/10/20 05:08:44 AM    
I want themes! Pink and yellow would be nice for me.

Also good:

Blue and green

Orange and yellow

Purple and pink

Red and purple

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