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Can't delete completed download.  Tixati freezes

by Guest on 2019/09/06 02:37:21 PM    
While a download had started I realized I didn't want all of it so stopped parts of it downloading.

I've done this before, but this time something has gone wrong.

Now, when I delete it, which sends it to my 'Recycle Bin' and I try and delete it from the 'Recycle Bin', Tixati freezes and I have to use 'Task Manager' to exit Tixati.

Any idea how to fix this?

Thank you.
by Guest on 2019/09/06 07:33:13 PM    
what OS and what version of tixati?

does this happen for any/all files or just one?

is the torrent a multi file torrent and you turned off and deleted a single file?

if you try to empty the recycle bin when it doesn't have something you deleted from tixati in it, does tixati still freeze?
by Guest on 2019/09/08 06:27:55 AM    
Thanks for replying

Windows 8.1 64bit

Tixati 2.62

Happens with just this one file.  I think it's got corrupted: All files cannot be found to be deleted?

Just remembered:  Once the Tixati download had completed and thinking I had this file on an external hard drive, I deleted some files from it, not realising that I was deleting from the Tixati download folder.  That has most probably messed things up!

Just deleted some files (nothing to do with Tixati) and noticed 'Recycle Bin' is greyed out. The 'Recycle Bin' is not working either.
by Guest on 2019/09/08 08:46:23 AM    
Thanks for replying.

Windows 8.1 64bit

Tixati 2.62

Yes, this happens with just this one file.

Yes, it was a multi file torrent. I turned off a number of files while the download was happening.

One thing I just remembered:  Once completed I thought I was working on this file on my external hard drive and deleted files I did not want, realizing afterwards that I had deleted files from the Tixati download folder.  That most probably caused problems .

I found out that the Recycle Bin was not working when trying to delete something that had nothing to do with Tixati:

I've fixed the corrupted Recycle Bin using Command Prompt and rd /s /q C:\$Recycle.bin
by Guest on 2019/09/09 03:13:59 PM    
Anyone else that can help?
by Guest on 2019/09/11 04:48:56 PM    
Can someone please help me with this problem?

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