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Problems with RSS feeds

by Guest on 2019/08/22 07:10:33 AM    

I have two rss feeds added in tixati - one for ettv and one for rarbg(feed url's copied from jackett if that matters).

There are two problems i'm facing with rss feeds:

1) First problem, and it affects both feeds, is that feeds keep disappearing - they last for bout a day or so and then they are gone from tixati and i have to restore tham from a backup.

2) Second problem affects only ettv feed. Releases from this feed can't be auto-downloiaded. They can't be manually downloaded either (by right-clicking a release in Published Items tab and selecting Download). In both cases "server responded with code 404" appears in Status column under Published Items tab. However, if i right click on a release in Published Items tab and select Open Web Link a transfer gets created just fine.
by Guest on 2019/08/23 04:45:29 AM    
It appears the first problem is in fact a bit different - feeds don't actually disappear from tixati, however i can't see them. Some kind of interface glitch? Once i restart tixati i can see that feeds are still there. But as i said, it happens every day.

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