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VPN on Router and Tixati ...

by Guest on 2019/08/18 05:31:56 PM    
Trying to use VPN on my router, but Tixati seems not to work that way !!

Normally I use my VPN provider on my PC, and Tixati works well, but
when I start VPN on my router, nothing gets up or down in Tixati.

I can get a Magnet link into Tixati, but no seeders or feeders !!
I can surf the web, I can send/recieve mails - everything works as normal,
except Tixati.

Tried qbittorent and NO problem at all, with the same doings.

Any help ??

Tixati - last version
Router - Asus RT-AX88U (RMerlins last version)

Thanks for any suggestions ..

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