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"Server Reply Overflow" problem

by Guest on 2019/08/13 12:22:11 PM    
version 2.62 on windows build 18362
This is a private tracker. but not all torrent just have problem. Some torrent has problem when more peer.
This error constant on that problem torrent.

How can i fix this?

Thank for any reply

[00:14:33]  tracker announcing  > xxxx
[00:14:35]  tracker stopped > xxxx
[00:14:35]  tracker error: server reply overflow > xxxx
by Guest on 2019/08/18 04:43:20 PM    
i'd guess that the tracker is sending too much information, or maybe too fast.

try going the settings->event logging and turn on 'log detailed tracker messages'

now run a torrent that has that tracker and see if you get any more information in the event log tab.

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