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Add .txt comment/description together with saved file?

by Guest on 2019/08/06 03:47:36 AM    
Is it possible to add some info in a .txt file together with saved file?

For example, I download a movie called "Best movie ever.mp4", but I want to have option to add any text I like with that movie - so, maybe right click it in Tixati list > choose something like "Add description" and than I write whatever I want and it will be saved as "Best movie ever.txt"

I guess it is not possible now, but maybe it can be added to Tixati?
by Guest on 2019/08/07 11:16:41 AM    
Dont see the use of this.

You can create the file in your filesystem.
by Snipe on 2019/08/16 12:22:07 AM    
You could edit the comment to include text with a transfer but this won't be reflected in the OS via a text file.  Better off doing it manually via the filesystem.

You MAY be able to get Tixati to make a new text file by setting it to run a shell script like "touch Readme.txt" on competition but you would have to open the file manually to edit it.

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