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UPNP entries not removed from router on Tixati exit

by Guest on 2019/08/03 06:48:50 PM    
The UPNP entries Tixati creates in the router should be removed when you exit Tixati.

These left open router ports especially add up when use the port randomization feature of Tixati.

by Guest on 2019/11/21 05:12:40 PM    
Still an issue with 2.64.

by Guest on 2019/11/22 01:31:47 AM    
This seems to be more of an issue with your router. Maybe if you reboot it, the UPnP entries will be removed. You can turn off Tixati's port randomization or make it less frequent.
by Guest on 2019/11/22 01:36:45 AM    
Another option is to disable UPnP and do manual port forwarding. I would recommend this more because nobody else unapproved can port forward easily. Just make sure you aren't using DHCP for the computer you run Tixati on. I usually recommend using the last address from your LAN pool of IPs. Here is an example.

static ip for tixati computer:
by Guest on 2020/03/08 10:31:43 AM    
Thanks for the replies.

"This seems to be more of an issue with your router."

Well, qBittorrent removes its upnp ports just fine when I exit that app, so probably not an issue with the router.

by Guest on 2020/03/23 05:18:57 AM    
The UPNP entries that Tixati pushes are set with a 15-minute TTL, so they will be gone soon enough if the program is closed.

If you require the entries to be removed on program exit, then it can delay closing if the router isn't responding or has a slow UPNP implementation.

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