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Headless Tixati on Linux Server with Windows Thin Client

by Guest on 2019/07/23 12:29:10 PM    
Hi Tixati Devs,

Really impressed with Tixati. I love it. The stuff I can do on Tixati is amazing! Especially amazing for reseeding old stuff. Tixati is an extensive toolkit to me.

What would make Tixati perfect... PLEASE!

1) Linux Tixati Headless version that can be accessed with Windows Local client AND Thin client... (So I can use local download and server download and switch between modes)

2) Windows Tixati already supports SOCKS5. Can this principle be extended for OpenVPN credentials and certificates so I can use ONLY Tixati as the VPN'd Application?

This would allow Tixati to be run safely within some IT environments. Whereby ensuring if the OpenVPN tunnel drops that Tixati will NOT communicate out any other interfaces.
I know this is already supported but ONLY when the whole machine is VPN'd - I don't want anything on my machine VPN'd APART from Tixati - Can this be done ????

Thanks so much
by Guest on 2019/07/25 02:31:16 AM    

For many years I have used Deluge in this way, but now want to use Tixati.
(I now use both, just because I can't make up my mind ;-) )
The ultimate game-changer would be a client-server configuration.

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