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Tixati 2.62 problem

by Guest on 2019/07/21 05:54:44 PM    
I just downloaded the new version and windows gives me a warning window this program can damage your computer and that's the first time I ever got that from the few years I have been using Tixati.
Anyone else having that problem / error?
by Guest on 2019/07/22 06:52:26 AM    
everything is OK here

if in doubt, right click the downloaded file, go to Properties, and somewhere in there you can check the authenticode signature to make sure it is signed by Tixati Software Inc.

I wouldn't worry about a warning dialog, those are not unusual, sometimes it happens right after a release if you are one of the first ones to get it.
by Guest on 2019/07/22 05:35:42 PM    
Well apparently you were right just tried to install it again and nothing appear on screen from windows just the tixati install program. So it's all good thanks for the reply.

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