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Get transfer list from an Exported profile backup

by loninappleton on 2019/07/20 02:02:31 PM    

 I'd like to know how I can get the transfer list printed from Tixati.
There does not seem to be a way to print the list of current transfers from
the window within Tixati.

  Can the profile run as an import or export in Tixati backup be printed in a way that would reveal the transfer list?  I have stated this question ealier without response so an looking for a different workaround.  The Import Export file extension is called .tixaticonfig.
by Pete on 2019/07/21 03:21:15 PM    
I don't know of any easy way to list transfers.

As a workaround you can select all transfers and save .torrent files by right-click > Share > Save .torrent. Then you could list the directory. On Windows it would be dir /b command executed inside the directory. You can save it to file dir /b > list.txt
by loninappleton on 2019/07/22 02:12:01 AM    
thanks for answering.  I'm not much good at command line though.

What is the detailed code for /b ? Is this for the export file itself?
My export file location is C: root

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