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How much torrent can tixati accept

by Guest on 2019/06/24 04:55:09 PM    
Hi guys,

Sorry for my poor english but I'm french ;) ;)

I'm using TIXATI for three month an I would like to know how much torrent I can use with it.

I run W10 64 on a 7920x with 32 Gb memory.

Actually I have 5000 torrents but I hope to go to 10 or 15 000 .... do you think it's possible ?

Thanks for your answer.


by Bugmagnet on 2019/06/26 01:51:07 PM    
I like your style? and generosity.

I have only 8GB ram and have over 2000 torrents loaded for seeding. It uses about 3-4 GB RAM for this and I also run fopnu on the same computer which also uses about that much RAM.

I would guess you might be able to seed ~25,000 torrents with 32GB of RAM. And I'd suggest using AUTO-Queue management to rotate through them, so those in demand will be kept available more and those not can go into standby mode.
by Nz08a on 2019/06/26 06:23:44 PM    
Tixati is a good choice for seeding/downloading a large number of torrents at once just so far going with the most stable and reliable BitTorrent client I have tested so far.

With that CPU performance you have, you can expect to be able to have 30000 torrents loaded, but I would strongly recommend you don't go above 1000 active torrents.

From those numbers you should expect about 10GB of memory to be used, with only about 4-5GB in RAM.

RAM/Memory amounts are currently what I am experiencing with my 26000 torrents that are loaded.


Just remember your Tixati startup and shutdown will take some time (3-15 minutes).

When it comes to the list that shows you all of your currently loaded Torrents in Tixati try to have it filtered in such a way so that it does not have more than 200 items loaded in it at once, not doing so can cause severe stuttering.

If you experience weird broadband max speed fluctuations or drop outs when you are not downloading or uploading at any meaningful speed, tune your max connections per torrent.

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