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error opening: access denied, another program may have this file

by Guest on 2019/06/22 05:45:44 PM    
for 3 days i'm getting this error while trying to download multiple files in a single torrent. I tried to uncheck certain files that gives error then again check it again and force-check all files but it didnt work. I deleted everyfiles and registery log of tixati and reinstall it still didnt work, and since i deleted chunk files, some partially seeding old torrents give error that i should force check to override. I do have bitdefender btw, i tried disabling it whitelisting program still it didnt work. I m recently getting this error, idk if its about my semi private torrent site,internet service provider or some other program or virus.

i can still download some other torrent files from the same site, and if i force the ones that gives error they also download for a little and then gives error. If anyone helps me here i would be prettiated appreciated.

win10 64 bit.

[00:42:21]  starting
[00:42:21]  downloading initiated
[00:42:23]  tracker announcing  > tracker
[00:42:27]  tracker responded OK, returned=51  interval=50:49 > tracker
[00:42:32]  starting DHT search
[00:43:23]  error opening: access denied, another program may have this file open (5) > file.mp4
[00:43:23]  stopping
[00:43:24]  tracker announcing  > tracker
[00:43:26]  tracker responded OK > tracker

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