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No option to set upload slots to zero

by hoodafukisalice on 2019/06/19 12:07:00 PM    
Settings -> Transfers -> General -> Upload slots does not allow the number to be zero. When I'm close to the end of my quota of data for the month, I would like this to be set to zero, but instead Tixati forces this to a minimum of 1. What's with the logic of not allowing users to set this to zero?
by Bugmagnet on 2019/06/20 03:47:50 PM    
I guess I would ask, what is the logic of keeping tixati running when you are so low on data?

And I would assume that download data would be much larger than any upload data under these circumstances.

Controlling BW (data) would seem to be more important that the number of slots.

To test, I just set both in and out BW to the minimum, 1 kB/s but this setting does not control overall BW tixati may be using. As I remained connected to 8 channels at the time, tixati internal graph indicated it was using ~8 kB/s UP and about 100kB/s over all.

I then stopped all channels. External monitor indicated tixati was then using only 4 KB/s out and 3 KB/s in

Bottom line, tixati has numerous setting options to limit data usage. But obviously these will usually impair purpose.

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