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Sorting by "file location"?

by Zero_Ego on 2019/06/18 04:59:29 AM    

Thanks for taking my question.

Viewing the main "Transfer" panel, is there a way of sorting torrents by file location?

Are there any "sorting" options.  I can't seem to find any. Even the (usual MS) "sort by file name"....when you click it. Does nothing.

I wan't to move large quantities of files and need to sort them by file location.

(It's not hard to lose track of where your torrents are located, for example you might fill a HDD, reach for another.  This leaves Tixati's (which I love and think is the best) data base, pointing to files in difference HDD's. One can easily lose track. Hence sorting by location gives one a clue where the finished torrents are located)

That is why I am asking.

Thank you.
by Guest on 2019/06/26 09:33:07 AM    

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