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FYI - Tixati BW LIMIT does not control or indicate the total BW

by Bugmagnet on 2019/06/11 11:39:14 PM    
I have a "small" 1 MB/s upload limit on my ASDL line.

Running both fopnu and tixati on that is pushing the limits.

When I was experiencing intermittent streams of disconnects/reconnects on some fopnu channels, I noticed that stopped when I closed tixati.

I had both fopnu and tixati UL limits set to 48KB/s, totaling 96 KB/s, well under the ISP's 125 KB/s service level.

Then I discovered tixati was actually using well over 60 KB/s while the BW chart indicated a smooth 48 KB/s

My workaround is to set the tixati BW limit lower to 36-38 KB/s and the monitor shows with that setting it is actually using ~48 KB/s, my target.

I'll adjust fopnu also along those lines since it appears it also uses more BW than the set limit.
by Guest on 2019/06/13 10:10:16 AM    
I suspect the bandwidth setting is meant to control just file data transfer - you are forgetting that there may be significant protocol overhead on top to control the connections, requesting parts, negotiating availability etc.. That's what is probably throwing off your calculation.
by Bugmagnet on 2019/06/14 12:14:42 PM    
I am very aware of packet overhead.

My problem arose because I assumed that the BW limit controls and chart was for the total, data plus overhead.

It apparently was not designed that way or there is a bug in the calculations.

Either way, I think a hard, TOTAL limit is needed. Perhaps as an optional setting, for users to choose which they need/prefer?

All I know is that my intuition failed me.  again. I have been struggling for months trying to figure out my fopnu client channel connection instability, then finally stumbling on this as being contributory.

Not knowing really what specifically causes that, I am suspecting that fopnu also needs to be tweaked to make it a little more aggressive on whatever the process is to keep it connected. While my ISP bw is usually quite reliable, I would expect at times it can't deliver the usual BW. And as I run to the max (or 80%), it would be nice if fopnu would be able to maintain during the occasional drought.

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