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Settings as human readable file.

by adem0x on 2019/06/10 07:59:09 PM    
This is probably raised and answered, but I couldn't find it through search in the forum.

Anyway, my gripe is (hence a feature request) is this:

Could you please make the settings (stored on disk) human readable.

I don't mind if it is 'ini', 'xml', 'json' or whatever format, but it would really help if it was human readable.

And, the reason is this: Over the past few weeks I had Tixati come up settings file error a number of times.

If it were human readable, I could possibly do something about it.

One other resaon is this: When I start using another machine, I would like to copy the settings file over to it (and do the necessary folder changes).

I could perhaps list a couple more reasons; but I'd also like why Tixati author(s) chose binary format too.
by Guest on 2019/06/26 09:37:41 AM    
by Guest on 2019/07/06 08:55:52 PM    
I'll add my vote to this, for whatever it's worth (I'm not sure any developers ever actually visit here to consider feature requests in good faith).

The reason being: currently I need to edit the list of active torrents in a config file as due to a bug three are loading on startup but not appearing in the interface so cannot be managed in any way. Having the ability to simply delete these inaccessible, ghost torrents simply in a human-readable, editable config file would solve this problem and allow them to be restarted correctly.

Back in the day, it was good form for almost all software to have a human-readable INI file where ALL settings were clearly readable and editable. There were good, sensible reasons for this. Keeping all settings and config data in binary form is just poor design, as it makes troubleshooting and basic maintenance very hard for end users when there's no active feedback from the developers here. Give us an alternative to locked-down GUI-only management, especially when there are issues with the software that offline tweaks to the config and active torrent startup list might solve.

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