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Settings as human readable file.

by adem0x on 2019/06/10 07:59:09 PM    
This is probably raised and answered, but I couldn't find it through search in the forum.

Anyway, my gripe is (hence a feature request) is this:

Could you please make the settings (stored on disk) human readable.

I don't mind if it is 'ini', 'xml', 'json' or whatever format, but it would really help if it was human readable.

And, the reason is this: Over the past few weeks I had Tixati come up settings file error a number of times.

If it were human readable, I could possibly do something about it.

One other resaon is this: When I start using another machine, I would like to copy the settings file over to it (and do the necessary folder changes).

I could perhaps list a couple more reasons; but I'd also like why Tixati author(s) chose binary format too.

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