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[GUI] Add torrent dialog extremely slow

by Guest on 2019/06/10 08:41:51 AM    
Tixati 2.61
Windows 7 i386

"Add torrent" dialog is very slow to pop up, takes over 1 minute to open.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Install tixati 2.61
2. Make sure config files are fresh
3. In "transfer" section, click "Add"

Actual behaviour:
After clicking "Add", the GUI completely freezes. So much so that Windows adds "(not responding)" to window title. The file chooser dialog pops up after 75 seconds ~ 90 seconds.

During the freeze, there is no outstanding CPU and disk activity.

Expected behaviour:
The file chooser dialog should pop up in 1 second.
by Guest on 2019/06/26 09:39:11 AM    
immediate for me.

it could be waiting for a HDD that is asleep or a network drive.

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