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other ports in use

by Bugmagnet on 2019/06/06 10:52:19 PM    
I just noticed tixati is using ports other than the one I designate for transfers.

on WIN7 Resource Monitor indicates ports 6771 and 9124 are also open and listening for UDP.

I tracked down port 6771 to the SSDP Local Peer Discovery function.
I still haven't figured out what port 9124 does.

Also, I noticed tixati was using dozens more ports in the 52000-57000 range. I even found that my port 65535 was in use, interestingly connected to my other seedbox in another city.

Is this normal?

and if so, are filewall rules needed for ports 6771 and 9124? Can't think what is going on with all the random ports above 52000. Any explanation for that?

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