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Download location based on RegEx match

by Guest on 2019/06/05 09:00:28 PM    
Having *.mkv *.flv *.mp4 etc. go to a custom folder is a nice feature to have when you host files on LAN to watch on other devices.

The easiest implementation would be a list of download locations with corresponding match rules (regex likely), separated by spaces.
by Bugmagnet on 2019/06/06 11:54:40 PM    
I didn't test this but I think it should work on windows (linux shell commands may vary) if added to Settings/Transfers/Files/File Completion Shell Commands *Edit*:

.mp4:move %1 "v:\videos\mp4\"
.avi:move %1 "v:\videos\avi\"
.m4v:move %1 "v:\videos\m4v\"
.mkv:move %1 "v:\videos\mkv\"
.mov:move %1 "v:\videos\mov\"
.wmv:move %1 "v:\videos\wmv\"
.flv:move %1 "v:\videos\flv\"
.ogv:move %1 "v:\videos\ogv\"
.mpg:move %1 "v:\videos\mpg\"
.mpeg:move %1 "v:\videos\mpeg\"

Or if you want them all to go to a single videos folder:

.mp4,.avi,.m4v,.mkv,.mov,.wmv,.flv,.ogv,.mpg,.mpeg:move %1 "v:\videos\"

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