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Upload Maximization / Force Unchoke All Peers

by JungleSpeed on 2019/05/25 08:05:55 PM    
By chance can anyone think of any possible reasons why the force unchoke setting could perform worse then with it off?  Hopefully my experience was just a fluke.  Yet, the other day I ran a uTP comparison test between BiglyBT and Tixati... Tixati seeded nearly similar to BiglyBT when I had Upload Maximization disabled.  Strangely, when I enabled upload maximization it seemed much slower to connect to peers and it's overall gigabytes seeded wound up being less then BiglyBT.  Ultimately I think it just has to do with BiglyBT connecting to more uTP peers...but why BiglyBT would connect to more peers then Tixati I don't know.

11 HOURS SEED TEST of the latest KALI LINUX ISO seeded Tuesday morning the day it went live
Tixati  32 GB Seeded
BiglyBT  34 GB Seeded

16 HOURS SEED TEST started that evening. (Tixati upload maximization enabled)
Tixati  25 GB Seeded  
BiglyBT  38 GB Seeded

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