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Prevent multi-file or large size torrent from automatically down

by Guest on 2019/05/06 03:13:11 PM    

I use the RSS feature to automatically download individual videos over a period of weeks/months and this works great. But after a season is complete, there is often a single new torrent containing all the videos(or a variant thereof). Since I've already downloaded the videos individually earlier, I usually don't want to automatically download a torrent containing them all again.

To try to stop the automatic downloading of this many-video torrent, I tried using the "Feed Processing Options" in the RSS settings.

I set "Auto-download item file count limit" to 2 and set "Auto-download item KB - Max" to 4,000,000(4GB).

But even with these settings, a torrent containing 10 video files with a total file size of 9.5GB still downloads automatically.

How do I stop this kind of torrent from automatically being downloaded? I'd like it to automatically be queued or something so that I'm aware it exists and can manually start download if desired, I just don't want it downloading automatically.

Thanks for any help!

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