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[UI feature request] Auto-shutdown notification

by Guest on 2019/05/06 11:29:23 AM    
Greetings, I love using Tixati for my torrenting needs. It is a great software without huge memory footprint. You know what is funny about this? When I was using Tixati, it felt like I used it before. Then I realized it look like WinMX. Wow, what a huge nostalgia for me. Anyway, I get back to the point.

The Auto-shutdown is a great feature with ‘Persist After Restart’ option. It needs a little finetuning if it possible. Display a warning that it is shutting down due to auto-shutdown feature and force the window itself to be on the front of main Tixati window. Or use Windows notification center to warn.

Often, I will not use Tixati for a while then when I came back and trying to open Tixati (up to 4 weeks). It kept closing itself and I was confused why it kept doing that. I look at Tixati logs, Event Viewer, and different crashing report to figure out why Tixati kept closing itself a minute after I open Tixati. I thought it was a torrent problem. Any logs are not revealing the issue, then I checked the auto-shutdown. I realized I have it enabled with persist feature. It took me an hour to trying to find out why it kept doing that. The feature itself is great, however it needs a warning to let the user know that it is shutting down. It will help to avoid looking what is the problems. And I have memory retention issue, displaying the warning that it will shutdown in less than a min accordingly to setting of auto-shutdown will allow me to have the time to turn it off.

If you can add it, that will be great. Thank you for the amazing software!

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