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**** Tixati v2.61 is Now Available! ****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2019/05/03 08:53:49 PM    
May 3, 2019

Tixati version 2.61 is now available. This update contains several important fixes and improvements:

- individual per-channel tray activity notification options in right-click menu in channel list
- individual per-contact tray online notification options in right-click menu in contact list
- incoming peer connection encryption negotiation has more intelligent rate-limiting algorithm, less CPU load under extreme conditions
- fixed problems with file/directory links (reparse points) in Windows
- new compiler and build system for both Windows and Linux platforms, which produces more compact and efficient program executables
- much better startup behavior when previous instance is still saving configuration .dat files
- fixed several compatibility problems with older Windows systems like XP and Vista
- fixed problems with excessive file/link association prompting in Linux
- UPNP client implementation completely re-written, now operates much more reliably with more router models
- fixed problems with Bandwidth Auto-Limiter IPv6 traceroute operation in Windows build
- column widths now save correctly on GTK build
- fixed force-polling option in Settings > Transfers > Files
- fixed problems with Home view event log settings persisting between sessions
- delay options for Auto-Startup now go up to 30 minutes
- prevent Auto-Shutdown in first 2 minutes of program running or first 2 minutes since feature activated
- tweaked DHT port confirmation timings, status indication is now more accurate
- fixed several DHT warning dialogs that were not showing reliably under certain error conditions
- spread out post-stop piece flushing interval randomization, for less stress on disk cache when many transfers are stopped
- better memory fault tracking, differentiates failures due to true lack of system memory vs malformed allocation requests
- fixed rare crashes during UPNP port mapping negotiation on Linux build
- icon rendering routines fully re-worked for more accurate and faster display in very high DPI modes
- fixed several display problems in Bandwidth Auto-Limiter advanced view
- tracker timing system fully revised, now uses combination of uptime and clock so that system suspend/pause does not cause disruptions
- extended tracker soft-start interval after system resume, allowing previously connected trackers to assert priority over others
- UPNP and NAT-PMP timings now based on combination of system uptime and clock, preventing mapping disruptions after suspend/pause
- more responsive DHT search transfer/channel selection algorithms, to give better recovery after network disruptions
- channel gather/announce operations are slightly more aggressive now, giving quicker results especially for firewalled users
- updated IP location tables
- several other minor fixes and tweaks in the GUI

More improvements are in the works. Please stay tuned.

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