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where are all the channels

by Guest on 2019/05/03 12:07:46 PM    
clicked add in the channels tab, expecting to find a large list of channels, cant tell if tixati broken or im geolocked somehow.
by Bugmagnet on 2019/05/04 10:27:57 AM    
Add > Gather Channels

Repeat several times as more channels will be found.

It functions, but this only shows public channels not secret private channels

That said, do not expect to find 2000+ channels like in the old winMX days. This is due mostly to the Facebook attack.

There are only a few dozen public tixati channels with lots of users but even then there is very little sustained active chat. Once in a while, you might see some very active chatting in one channel or another, but it is very spasmodic.

If you post something, it will likely get a delayed response, hours or even days later. Be patient and stay connected is the only advice I have.

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