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Limiting BW while maximizing usage when running both tixati and

by Bugmagnet on 2019/04/22 11:43:33 PM    
I run both tixati and fopnu as seedboxes, doing very little if any downloading most of the time.

I have 10 mb/s Upload service from the ISP.

Since others use the service, I Want to limit my ULing to 8 mb/s total between tixati and fopnu.

I do not have any issue saturating that available bandwidth with Tixati alone. It will flatline to 1 MB/s by itself, with dozens of active torrents.

Currently, uploads on fopnu are spasmodic. Often all it uses is 20-30 KiB/s to maintain the channels. But when a download comes, I want it to be fast, to encourage people to use fopnu.

I could set limits in both tixati and fopnu for 512 KiB/s which would keep my global upload top the desired 1024 KiB/s. But when I am not getting requests for files on fopnu, the BW for it would sit idle.

I tried using my router bandwidth management settings to limit my computers IP to that 1024 MiB/s limit but it didn't work. It does not limit it at all. I can't change that since it is an older model that is no longer supported by the mfg. So I have to rely on the Apps to control themselves.

While I had several files being served bu fopnu, I started experimenting with Tixati's Auto-BW Limit feature. I set fopnu UL limit to 512 KiB/s which makes several downloaders there quite happy.

When fopnu was maxed out at 512 KiB/s upload, it seemed that the Auto-BW Limiter on Tixati did a fair job of cutting it's upload limit back based on the default rule set. At one point it flatlined at 512 KiB/s also so effectively making the global limit 1024 KiB/s which was my target.

I am thinking a better, more precise method would be for Tixati, fopnu and SSS to talk to one another. For now, Tixati is the day in and day out UL beast. If fopnu can send it current UL rate to tixati periodically (each 10-60 Sec?), Tixati could lower its max UL to effect a global limit.

Tixati Max UL = 1024
fopnu Max UL = 512

Fopnu without active UPloads averages about 24 KiB/s, so Tixati would adjust to 1000 (1024-24)

When fopnu gets a file rush and maxes its UL out to the 512 limit, it signals tixati this and tixati then quickly backs off to 512 itself, keeping the global total to 1024. As soon as the fopnu files are finished, and it drops back down to ~24 KiB/s, tixati quickly ramps back up to using the remaining 1000 KiB/s

I'll monitor the effect of using the Auto-BW Limiter in the meantime as it appears to be a fair workaround for now.

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