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[Bug Report] Auto Bandwidth Rules do not save

by Bugmagnet on 2019/04/22 10:43:30 PM    
Playing with the Advanced settings for the Auto-Bandwidth Limit function.

I changed some settings, then tried to save my custom settings under a different file name that TixatiThrottleRules.rules

After altering the filename and clicked SAVE i got no error. But when I went back to save some different settings with another different filename, the custom file I created before was not there.  I clicked on LOAD and again, nothing was there except the original TixatiThrottleRules.rules file.

Seems custom rule sets can't be saved and selected.
by Guest on 2019/04/28 03:12:58 PM    
what OS and Tixati version?

ive tried multiple ways and the .rules file always gets made and loaded fine in Win10 and Linux.

i do not have a default file name for the .rules file, like you seem to have "TixatiThrottleRules.rules". i can name the file anything I want.

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