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why does tixati keep downloading more data that it needs

by Guest on 2019/04/21 06:33:17 PM    

i'm posting this again, because i cant find the old thread and because i never got a good answer anyway....

downloaded a couple of torrents, one got about 10% of extra data downloaded for no particular reasons, no bad pieces received but still managed to have around 50mb of extra data.

this never happens with utorrent (my other client) and most of others.

so i tried looking at the event log for that torrent, transfer log is set at level 5 and no error messages that could explain this extra data.

i notice that there is also a peer log level (now set to 4 with the disk read cache detail box checked but i don't know where i can find the infos from that log.
by BRMateus2 on 2019/04/26 03:44:40 AM    
Don't forget about socket retransmissions (TCP/layer 4) and application retransmissions (in case of UDP, or piece got deleted because of timeout downloading, layer 7) and Bittorrent Protocol (layer 7) overhead - the Bittorrent protocol overhead is significant - while I do not get such as 10% overhead, many big files (40GB) get about 250MB of protocol overhead and I am not even considering the other factors (like TCP Retransmission), consistently showing me about 30kB/s of metadata on a 4MB/s download.

My average overhead is about 5% on the Bittorrent Protocol, and more in the lower layers of the deprecated 7-layer OSI Model.

There is nothing wrong with it, part of protocol.
by Guest on 2019/04/28 04:21:19 PM    
here i happen to have that extra data when i have many peers that are sending the same piece. downloading a torrent with only one seeder and i'm the only leech, i hardly have more data downloaded. i'm downloading a new torrent, with one slow seed and plenty of peers, i'll get a great amount of extra data.
hardly none other torrent clients have this problem, so i'm wondering why tixati is sending that data back to the tracker????
by Guest on 2019/09/09 08:47:44 PM    
tried new version as always, i'm still getting some unneeded extra data reported, but maybe less than it used too (did a test with 2 different torrents). is tixati finally going the good way???
by kostet on 2022/11/11 08:40:05 PM    
I have the same issue. If connected only one seed, received data = torrent data.  But if had seeds more then one then received data > torrent data, overhead around 5-10%. I don't take into account protocol traffic.

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