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Why is the Tixati website ( blocking connections from

by CloaknDagr on 2019/04/19 03:49:55 PM    
Why do you block access to this website from my VPN?  I can connect to when my VPN is not up but not when it is operating. This messes up things like "check for updates", configuration guides, help, forums etc. when I'm actively using Tixati because I really don't EVER want Tixati running unless my VPN is also running.  Having a live torrent on Tixati without either being TOR'd up or VPN'd is a very good way to start getting takedown letters.
I use TorGuard btw.  Please stop doing this or please give us a very good reason why you think you must.
by Bugmagnet on 2019/04/21 10:30:31 PM    
this may have been a general glitch in the dnssec certs.

That was sorted a couple days ago.

Are you still having this problem?
by Pyrano4444 on 2022/09/11 04:37:48 AM    
I am having this very problem now.
I was wondering why I couldn't download the latest update. Then I tried just going to and the browser hangs, and eventually times out.
So this old problem is back. Please fix it, it's very annoying because if I want to visit your site, or update I have to turn off everything before turning off my VPN.

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