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by soadfan on 2019/04/06 08:47:04 AM    
Hello Guys,
i wonder can you add option to create subfolder for new transfer/torrent when adding it?
There's this annoying trend, on local trackers i'm using, to create torrents without it , and my movies folder is a mess because of that. :(
It would be nice to create button for example which takes the torrent name and creates directory under "move on complete" location.
Or at least make "Move on complete" text box editable so it would be easier to create subfolder for the transfer, simply by typing \ and some name at the end of the path.
Current way is pain in the a**. Change button only show predefined (categories) and recently used. If you click browse it throws you to the system root, which in my case is Desktop and i have to expand ThisPC, then the drive, then downloads folder, then category folder then click NewFolder and... you've got the idea, it's annoying.

P.S. I've been using several torrent clients over the years, and they all can do this by default.

by Guest on 2019/04/12 04:42:13 AM    
by Guest on 2019/05/06 12:27:00 AM    
by Guest on 2019/05/25 01:15:01 AM    
Or at least make two more placeholders, for example:
for torrent name itself - $torrentname
and for the category which is in - $category

If this is done i can use shell commands to move files to sub directories

by soadfan on 2019/06/16 03:37:19 PM    
may the problem is with the app itself. Today I've created a torrent with files inside a folder (let's call it TBBT), then uploaded it to a torrent tracker.
In order to seed it, I had to download the newly uploaded file (because of the passkey) and there's no folder.
Also when selected the parent of the TBBT it didn't start file check. I had to remove the torrent, download it again and select the TBBT folder as download location.

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