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Files in different locations when using auto select threshold

by Guest on 2019/04/02 04:28:27 PM    
Files in different locations when using auto select threshold. Or in other words - without torrents folder. I dont mind when I need only that 1 file, but others times that 1 large files is saved in root folder, and small files are save in root/"torrents name" folder.

Windows 10
by Guest on 2019/07/16 09:51:46 AM    

Its really annoying for some torrents when i need them all in one folder and smaller files were selected manualy in promt or later in files tab.
by Guest on 2019/11/18 02:37:06 PM    

still in v2.64
by Guest on 2019/11/19 04:41:32 AM    
I agree... Need option to keep torrent "original folders"
by Guest on 2019/11/25 09:34:48 AM    
Yeah maybe an option is required. It might clutter UI though. I think all file path assesement should be done after START is pressed, not before.
by Guest on 2019/11/28 04:33:50 PM    
if you start a torrent with 'auto' on, and it then makes a single file, not making the other, smaller txt files, if you later turn on the smaller files  they will be made in the torrent folder while the single file was made in the download folder.

that is the way it should be. it should not move the single file back into the torrent folder just because you added some files.
by Guest on 2019/12/01 01:07:41 PM    
But i think it should move that single file inside a directory with other smaller files. Folder are there for categorising and if you only need 1 file, then it can sort of be a category on its own. But when you are downloading a torrent that serves some purpose and you decide you also need those smaller files, then the category must be a folder for all the files with their unifying purpose in the torrent. Its not that hard to right click and set file location to default, but it feels like a bug and is unintuitive. At first people might be wondering where are their files at, especialy if theres alot of stuff in the download folder and double clicking inside a Tixati opens one thing and then you have to sort trough stuff to find that missing part of the torrent.
by Guest on 2019/12/01 01:16:46 PM    
I wanted to clarify that the torrents are not starting downloading on their own here. This bug is encauntered when using torrent promt. Torrent file auto opens in tixati poping a promt to edit its settings before starting it, files are auto checked for size with one file selected, I select few more files manualy and click START. Only then the torrent is started, connects to the tracker, gets peers and starts downloading.
by Guest on 2019/12/02 08:58:30 AM    
The matter here is simple, many times the user NEED some small file, in the original folder, like an SRT together with the movie in same folder, why? Why many player can open subtitle automaticaly when you open the movie. And toggle it ON/OFF all the time isn't usable. And one thing is "auto selection" other thing is "file isolation" isn't reasonable put both together as ONE thing, is two extremely different features, I like a lot auto selection but I hate file isolation, I ever need open subtitle after the movie. What users ask in this topic is just one setting to use this features separately.

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