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Feature request: option to disable "ignored (bad data)"

by Guest on 2019/03/06 09:51:03 PM    
Ignored (bad data) has been happening more recently for me after getting a fiber connection (with a wireless network). For me that feature isn't very useful because ultimately all that happens is the torrent downloads slower when the (often highest speed) peer is ignored. I'm fine with a bit of packet loss on a high speed connection and don't really need Tixati to randomly ignore peers for me, if needed I can do it myself. So, I'm requesting a feature that would allow me to disable the automatic ignoring of peers, if some piece gets messed up I will happily download it again, no ignoring of peers needed.
by Guest on 2019/07/09 02:44:27 PM    
I totally agree with you . You are right.
by Guest on 2019/07/24 08:02:34 AM    

just happened to me. had to unignore manually!

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