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"error getting file info:access denied" 8 dl's

by Guest on 2019/02/09 09:45:38 PM    
Ubuntu 18.10, updated
Tixati is up to date
9 total dl's: 8 show this error - 4 complete, 4 incomplete

We have found zip, zero, nada on this error anywhere. Dl's were cruising along (slowly), and after we restarted program computer, 8 of 9 stopped. We have run our usual cleanup programs ( clean, autoclean and autoremove daily, Bleachbit as needed (weekly, normally)) as we have done throughout this process. No major updates or upgrades to Ubuntu in weeks.

by Guest on 2019/02/10 08:16:57 PM    
So, for some (as yet) unknown reason, my system renamed the disk we were saving to, adding a "1" at the end. We discovered this while checking to make sure that the naming systems were still all good. This, of course, would have been a smart thing to check before writing this request. Sorry to waste anyone's time, but we hope someone learns from this. Take care.

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