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Torrents with subsets of other torrents

by Guest on 2019/02/07 07:41:52 PM    

First of all I have to say I love Tixati. Customizable software with good, clean documentation.

I have a question relating to duplicate files.  I understand that the bit torrent protocol doesn't support the transmission of file hashes and therefore cannot detect duplicate files before downloading.  I do realize that if the same  hash-id is used then Tixati will ask if you wish to merge trackers.

I have two trackers, A and B.  B is a subset of A.  So, every file contained in B is also in A but not every file in A is in B.  The naming of files that are in both A and B are named the same.  A has only a few seeds whilst B has many seeds. A and B have different piece sizes.

What is the best method to download from both trackers in parallel so that I take advantage of B's high amount of seeds but get all the files of A.  If possible, I would like to avoid manually going through A and setting Tixati to not download all the files contained in B.  If this is the ONLY way then will Tixati validate the file when I revert the setting?


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